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This Privacy and Data Protection Policy, aims to show the compromise and respect, for the compliance with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (EU) 2016/679, with all those who are connected to us.


The controller for processing and collect Personal Data is NOVA ERTEK – Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, Lda and NOVA ERTEK – Gestão de Recursos Humanos, Lda, hereinafter referred to as NOVA ERTEK, headquartered at Av. Dr. António Rodrigues Manito, 100 – r/c, 2900-063 Setúbal.

Personal Data

Personal Data is all and any data concerning a single identified or identifiable person (data holder), regardless of the support in which it is stored. That is, data on a person whose identity is evident or could be determined by obtaining additional data.

How and when we collect Personal Data

NOVA ERTEK collects Personal Data through the Curriculum Files filled, by the data holder, in person, at the agencies or on its website – Personal Data is also collected on employment platforms, whenever the data holder applies to a job offer provided by NOVA ERTEK.
The display of job offers on third-parties websites is carried out in good faith, and NOVA ERTEK is exempt of any responsibility for the collection and processing of the Personal Data and for their accurateness, credibility or usefulness.
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Personal Data Processing

NOVA ERTEK ensures the processing of the Personal Data, which they are given, accordingly to the requirements established by the regulation (EU) 2016/679. NOVA ERTEK is responsible for the collection, registration, organization, keeping, alteration, recovery, consultation, usage, deletion or destruction of all the Personal Data provided by its holder.
Within the scope of its activity, NOVA ERTEK uses your personal data on recruitment and selection processes, on the entering or termination of work contracts, on salary processing and on satisfaction surveys.
The provision of services to NOVA ERTERK’s customers implies the transfer of Personal Data to external entities, located within and out of the EU territory. Such data are exclusively aimed for the compliance with the required legal duties upon the hiring and severance of an employee.
Whenever the data is provided to third-parties, all the technical and administrative safety mechanisms will be activated, in order to prevent the misuse of the Personal Data. The collected data shall never be used for other purpose apart from the one consented by the data holder.

Personal Data Confidentiality

NOVA ERTEK ensures the keeping and confidentiality of the data obtained on the exercise of its activity, either it has a commercial character or is protected by the General Regulation of Data Protection (GRDP) of the EU.

Data Protection

Accordingly to the regulation (EU) 2016/679, NOVA ERTEK undertakes the compromise to ensure the protection of the safety of the personal data provided, namely through the implementation of technical and organizational measures, against its diffusion, loss, misuse, alteration, processing, non-authorized access or other way of illegal processing. On the measures taken are included the data encryption and the safety of the processing applications.

Duration of the Data storage

Whenever a work contract is entered, with NOVA ERTEK, the Personal Data are stored and kept for the minimum period necessary and demanded by law, for the various public authorities.
All the Personal Data, present on our database, of potential collaborators are kept for a period of 2 years, after the last contact. When this period ends, they shall be eliminated. During this period, the Personal Data is kept in a digital and encrypted way, therefore ensuring a safety level appropriate to the risk.

Rights of the Data holders

The data holders may, at all time, exercise their rights of Access, Correction, Opposition or Portability to their data. To assert their rights, you shall contact our Responsible for the Data Protection, through the email:
You also have the right to file a claim before the National Data Protection Commission -

Alterations to the Data Protection Policy

NOVA ERTEK reserves the right to, at any time, proceed to the alterations of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy and recommends the regular consultation of this regulation.

Cookies Policy

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Information Policy

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This Legal Information dates from may 2018.