Our services

Temporary Work

NOVA ERTEK offers its clients a comprehensive and personalised service for the selection, recruitment and contractual and legal management of temporary workers who are best suited to the characteristics and objectives of each intended job.

  • InPlace - A solution developed for a high volume of temporary work, consisting of managing temporary workers in the client’s installations.

Recruitment and Selection

NOVA ERTEK develops careful and well-structured Recruitment and Selection processes, which together with up-to-date and innovative assessment methodologies, make it possible to screen and analyses candidates efficiently.

  • General R&S processes;
  • Individual or group assessments of psycho-professional potential;
  • Identification and supply of potential candidates;
  • Assessments.


NOVA ERTEK has certified trainers who work with training programmes adapted to the size and contextual reality of organisations, and which not only improve their collaborators professionally, but also increase the productivity, quality and competiveness of their business.

  • Intra-training projects;
  • Behavioural training;
  • Technical training;
  • Outdoor and experiential training through our partnerships;
  • Modules of awareness and development training for managers.


NOVA ERTEK guides, develops and implements different Human Resources Management practices, which better enable People Management, aiming at the continuous improvement of organizations.

  • Analysis of general climate and satisfaction;
  • Performance assessment systems;
  • Payment and incentive systems;
  • Competence based management systems;
  • Re-engineering and strategic planning of human resources.


The outsourcing solutions for Human Resources offered by NOVA ERTEK will enable managers to cut costs, improve services and maximise the availability of their resources in a market with intense competition, high quality and short response times at the highest levels.

  • Management by objectives;
  • Support for technical and administrative people management;
  • Reduction of waste and making costs profitable.

Executive Search

NOVA ERTEK uses a direct survey methodology, based on the systematic search of the market, followed by the direct, confidential approach of specialised professionals, in High Administrative positions and General Managers, maintaining a close and ethically correct contact with the Client.

  • Top Management;
  • Middle Search;
  • EPIP - Evaluation of Pre-Identified Potentials.


NOVA ERTEK assures the implementation of all the procedures related with personnel management, which embrace the accomplishment of tasks concerning the payroll processing, as well as the documentation required by the competent authorities.

  • Centralised information about the workers;
  • Data management of the workers (personal data, fiscal and social security data);
  • Workers' historical report;
  • Control of the workers' contracts of employment;
  • Control and marking of the staff assiduity with incidence on the salaries;
  • Calculation of compensations and proportional;
  • Payroll processing of all the workers with fixed/variable remunerations (salaries, compensations for worked hours (IHT), grants for training periods, food allowances, service supplements, Christmas and holidays bonuses, commissions, absences, sick leaves, etc.);
  • Reports with holidays' charts, social security affairs, bank transfers, amounts withheld for union purposes, etc.;
  • Issuance of legal reports.