LI VDT 156 19

HOLANDA - Países Baixos

Descrição da função

Arranging leave;
Co-selecting new employees;
Ensuring the training/training of employees;
Conducting Assessments;
Application of staffing instruments;
Drafting of work and work schedules and arranging sufficient occupancy (part-timers, on-call workers), arranging and assigning activities, (having) giving instructions/instructions, supervising progress;
Estimate expected sales, plans of quantities of products to be prepared;
Monitor the culinary level of the company, (random) checking the production process and outgoing dishes and, where necessary, adjusting the process, receiving and handling questions, complaints, problems and the like of guests;
Supervising compliance with safety, health&safety, HACCP and work and presentation methods (corporate identity);
Keep track of developments and trends in the market in the field of raw materials, composition of dishes, cooking techniques and the like;
Providing input, or developing/adjusting the card, menus, recipes, etc.;
Making calculations and the like and discussing different menus for parties;
Passing orders to suppliers;
Take care of the receipt check and complain in case of deviations;
Purchasing/calling in required products and ingredients;
Monitoring the responsible flow, whether or not via sous-chefs or chefs the party;
Ensuring the presence and availability of resources and equipment;
Engaging externals for curative and preventive maintenance wihin agreed conditions.

Perfil pretendido

Is fascinate to try out new ideas every time;
Smells opportunities and has and urge to act according;
Sees/seeks opportunities to do things differently/better;
Seeks challenges in coming up with new methods, products and the like;
Comes with ideas that testify to a great imagination;
Requires feedback from guests about quality and service;
Comes up with proposals to do thingd better;
Is thorough, checks the own work;
Is orderly and works well organized, even when transferring work;
Remains calm/calm under difficult conditions or high work pressure;
Continues to work purposefully under pressure.


Presented in the interview.


International Project for the Netherlands.


Please send your CV in english.

Débora Toco



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